Alan Wake Impressions

I rented Alan Wake finally. So here ‘s just a quickie blog of things I like and hate, as usual:

+ Plays like an older style game. This is a good and bad for me.
+ Good story so far.
+ Episodic, so I know when to break.
+ Great atmosphere and I think it might be genuinely spooky later on.

– Doesn’t feel ‘next- gen’ at all. Feels like an original Xbox game.
– The worst lip syncing I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Not one word matches.
– The hud seriously gets in the way. I wish maps were disabled for Hard and Nightmare modes.
– Thermos hunting.
– Energizer batteries… everywhere. I like they’re in there but c’mon. Who leaves expensive batteries in the middle of no where?

And for a bonus, I’d like to comment on Madden 11 ‘s rating. The reason Madden will never be any good is because these stupid reviewers keep giving Madden good scores. Madden 11 is the worst football game I’ve ever played. The GameFlow crap is just a way of saying “Pretty soon, you won’t even need to PLAY the game!”. The game has the same glitchy animations as the previous year. Graphics are near the same. Basically, it ‘s another “Roster Update” with a feature that takes away from the gaming experience. Good luck, GameSpot, and you’re incredible writing.

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