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Micro$oft wants more money. Meanwhile, you agree.

In this day and age, most companies are lowering their prices to compete with the looming market right now. Microsoft, on the other hand, thinks they’re more than special; they’re untouchable. So what does the community think of this? Well, the Microsoft community is all for it. Sure, why not. It’s only your wallet!

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Review: DeathSpank


Known as the birth child of Diablo and the Monkey Island series, DeathSpank is all about loot, slashing things up, and comedy. If you’re not a fan of Diablo-style gaming, this is not going to be your cup of tea. And if you enjoy Diablo but take your games seriously, don’t bother. DeathSpank does everything but take itself seriously.

You play as DeathSpank, a dumb-as-bricks “heroic” hero, trying to locate the generic Artifact. In a sense, DeathSpank is a good blend on The Tick and your typical warrior from any game. He’s loud, rude, and very much hates orphans. A lot. As you adventure through the land, you’ll run into a outrageously funny cast of characters, giving the game a Monkey Island feel. The game definitely delivers the laughs throughout the game, but that’s not all. It also presents in a very goofy manner a decent story to boost. Typical story, but I think that’s just part of the story, being a little generic. Did I mention the generic Artifact?

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Timeless Classics: Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

The Super Nintendo was, and to some it still is, king of the JRPG. From Chrono Cross to the Final Fantasy games, you had enough lengthy adventures to fill a summer vacation. However, a game that may be passed over my the general audience is the original Harvest Moon by Natsume.

Sure, the franchise is still around and is still fairly popular (at least enough to where you’ve heard the name), but hardly any of the newer series have been able to bring the magic of the original.

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Alan Wake Impressions

I rented Alan Wake finally. So here ‘s just a quickie blog of things I like and hate, as usual:

+ Plays like an older style game. This is a good and bad for me.
+ Good story so far.
+ Episodic, so I know when to break.
+ Great atmosphere and I think it might be genuinely spooky later on.

– Doesn’t feel ‘next- gen’ at all. Feels like an original Xbox game.
– The worst lip syncing I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Not one word matches.
– The hud seriously gets in the way. I wish maps were disabled for Hard and Nightmare modes.
– Thermos hunting.
– Energizer batteries… everywhere. I like they’re in there but c’mon. Who leaves expensive batteries in the middle of no where?

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