E3 2010 Impressions & Thoughts

E3’s big cheese stuff is now over. What did you guys think? Who “won”? What did you love, like, dislike, or hate?

Here’s my thoughts on the whole event. We’ll start with Microsoft, since they were first. Microsoft’s presentation, in my opinion, was a huge disappointment. Natal…I mean, Kinect…looks good, but still, no pricing. And the games… I dunno. I’m a gamer, not a fitness geek. I could care less about getting in fake-shape playing a 2nd rate game using a camera. Fable III seems to make use of the Kinect to a point where I’m interested. I mean, no one can disagree that the technology, it looks killer. But there’s no price. The support seems a little bland. The dance game just looks really stupid to me. I’m not a DDR nerd, so I don’t really care whatsoever about getting “achievements” for looking like an idiot. More on the games, Microsoft just completely blew it.

There was absolutely nothing that they showed that was “surprising”. It was stuff that was announced last year. Gears of War 3. Halo Reach (mind you, the 4th Halo game this generation). Fable III. Metal Gear Solid Rising. They showed footage, but this was all old news. Where’s the freaking’ Xbox Live Arcade hits you’re going to roll out? Lastly, the one thing I really liked was the Slim Xbox 360. I like the design myself. I like the features. I just don’t trust Microsoft anymore with hardware. To give you a feel for my console buying this generation, I waited 24 hours in line for a Xbox 360, watching South Park outside of a Toys R’ Us. I really wanted one. I loved it. I forgave them for it failing after the first month. It literally died when I bought my new December catalog of games. I was upset after the 2nd breakage, but lived with it. After the 3rd, well, that’s why I’m going to check the failure rate before checking this new one out.

Speaking of dance nerds…

Nintendo, I feel, won this thing, and this is coming from a Nintendo fan who also hates the Wii since it’s the least played system I have, unlike the Gamecube, which was my most played console last generation. Nintendo brought their game on with the new 3DS system, which I am willing to sell my PSP for in a heartbeat (but I have a job, so I can just buy one or get this for Chanukah). Backwards compatible? Heck yes. No goofy 3D glasses? HECK yes! I’m very excited about this product.  Oh, and then there’s something Nintendo finally decided to do, which is why I have been blogging about with concerns of Nintendo: bring back the classic adventures. A new Donkey Kong and Kirby? New Zelda? Seriously, Nintendo rocked my socks with this mess. And then, to just rub dirt in the eyes of unbelievers, they bring out the Goldeneye remake. Excellent surprises on Nintendo’s part. I was hoping to hear some updated stuff they’re going to do with the Wii’s online, since it’s the worst of the consoles this generation, but alas, I’ll wait for the WiiHD.

Sony is my console this generation, and they almost beat the socks off of Nintendo, however, I will say I’m no fan whatsoever of the PSN+. To compete with Microsoft, they need to focus on bringing more features to base users, not take away features. And these new PSN+ features are based on if you do/do not have , even if you paid for the content? Not cool, whatsoever. However, outside of that, Move looks like what I expected Nintendo’s Wii to bring when it came out. 1:1. The games look great, good support for the system, and the price, while not what I wanted to hear, is comparable to the Wii’s controllers, if memory serves correctly. I think it’s just a tad bit more. Oh, unless you don’t have a Eye. I do, so this pricing system is decent for me. With the Eye, it’s a little pricey. Moving on to games, which is what I mainly care about, Sony knocked a few out of the park. Twisted Metal looks incredible. I mean, it made me a little bit too excited to think. (For those who don’t know this, my alter alias online is “DryvBy”, and this comes from Twisted Metal). Killzone 3 looks a bit like the same, but I really enjoy this series, so still good. Plus, Killzone 2 is still the best looking shooter on a console right now. First person, that is.

I could care less who won. I’m a fan of video games, not companies. I just wish Microsoft would have brought their win face on this year. It felt really lame. As in Sony’s first year lame. Or Nintendo’s “Vitality Sensor” lame…

But seriously, what’s your guys thoughts? And argue among yourselves. I’m eager to hear.

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