EA Sports Salues the Middle Finger. Gamers Grovel.

Have you heard? EA Sports wants to make it a new thing that if you buy a used EA Sports game starting this year, you have to pay to play online (Actually, it might be more accurate to say Madden NFL ’10.). Not monthly or anything, just a downloadable content pack to unlock online modes. What’s more ridiculous than that? EA is the most notorious company for shutting off servers after a year. Or in some cases (Hellgate: London), less than a year!

Welcome to the true age of DRM, console friends. This is what you expect coming from this generation of gamers. We want-want-want, they supply, and we take, even if it’s recycled newspaper with a stamp on it with our favorite logo. The EA Sports titles have been going downhill for many years, even enough to remove a quality football game from the competition (ESPN’s 2K Sports games are far superior, even to this day). With every new year, they dumb the games down to get more gamers to buy their games, and then take away features. Head Coach is an EA Game that used to just be an option in the Madden games. Unless times have changed, Madden also took away the ability to have my friends play on the same team as me. Really, this has nothing to do with Madden. It has a lot to do with being ripped off.

I was reading online with people defending EA Sports, even some saying that it cost money to add these players to the servers. Really? Do we not have a basic understanding of how a server works? If you have one copy of a game, and player X is playing, then he sells his copy to player Y, player X is no longer on the server. Player Y took the place of X. Sadly, a lot of people on forums I’ve read have been saying some of the most ridiculous stuff in defense of EA Sports!

“I don’t like GameStop, therefore, this is good because it will run them out of business.”… Are you kidding me? Just don’t shop there! Simple enough. I don’t like K-Mart, and you know where I don’t go? This is just a stupid reason to support a bad business idea.

I can’t turn around in this industry anymore without seeing “DLC”, “Support the Devs! Buying Used is EVIL!”, or Activision’s Bobby Kotick telling the media he doesn’t like a product unless he can milk it. Before this generation of constant “best game evar!”s, I swear, game developers and some software companies still kind of cared about their customers. But then they remembered that customers are idiots, and they’ll dance when asked. Want to start charging $60 a pop for a game? Sure! Say it’s good for industry. Games are more expensive to make now. Want to start charging for map packs even though they were free for many, many years before this generation? Sure! Console gamers won’t know the difference! They’re stupid!! This is why this generation of fan boys (and fan ladies) are so screwed up in the head. ‘Said company can’t do any evil. Why? Because it never happened to me, and if it did, I didn’t use said feature anyway.’

You see, when you buy a $15 map pack that really only has two new maps, you’re saying you’re okay with it. You’re saying it’s a good deal, because I enjoy the game. But really, you’re just stabbing yourself in the leg for this. When you agree with DRM because you honestly believe it has anythng to do with piracy, you’re missing the bigger picture of no resales for games. Bye-bye, $5 games on Amazon! It’s all about how you look at it though. If you’re a firm backer of a company and believe they can do no wrong, you are by the definition, a tool of that company. You can be critical and be loyal at the same time. But the biggest question is why are you not more loyal to your wallet? Buy smart, folks.

Maybe I’m just a mid-20 gamer that is tired of taking guff from people. Yes, I said it. Guff! I can’t turn around without being ripped off to do the things I love. As a PC gamer, I have to shuffle through the titles to make sure there’s no DRM that’s going to either limit me from installing, get this, my game I paid for or that I won’t have to sit online constantly to make sure my game is playable, even in single player modes. All in the name of piracy? Yes, because DRM has proven to stop how many pirates?

As the saying goes, “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.”. In the world of video games, the goose (guys that know zip about games) gets the good while the gander (us gamers) get the finger. Don’tcha just love “next-gen” schemes?


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