Bad Company 2 vs. Modern Warfare 2

This is a recent topic that I’m sure everyone that is into the military shooters of current times has debated, if not online, then around friends. A quick note on my take: I’m a fan of both titles, but I think one of them is becoming a little too confident, and when they feel like a superpower, it’s only right to knock them down. I will try and be fair to both titles as I don’t think you can completely compare them like apples to apples. They’re still different types of game, but they hold enough similarities to compare some of the basics.

Bad Company 2:
+ Destructible environments. Great graphics.
+ Built around team-play.
+ Vehicles that are not tacked on.
+ Some of the best audio in a game.
+ Fun collectibles/stats.
+ Free DLC that is more than just “a few rehashed maps”.
– Short and easy single player.
– No co-op.
– Server issues (mostly fixed).

Modern Warfare 2:
+ Great graphics.
+ Built towards ‘action-shooters’ fans rather than squad.
+ Lots of unlockables for guns.
+ Co-op
+Loads of stat collectibles for those stat junkies.
– Loads of online glitches.
– Short and easy single player.
– Story is out there.
– DLC is a complete rip off.

These are my general opinions of both games. They both have their own pros and cons, but the things we can compare, we must. The reason isn’t really for the ‘fan boys’ to fight. It’s to balance out the two. If we sit around allowing the Call of Duty/Modern Warfare franchise to be milked, we’ll end up with another Guitar Hero series (i.e.: a game that is milked beyond belief). Same goes for Battlefield. However, this blog is also to establish some light on what is and what isn’t better in both series.

Of course, these are my opinions and we can agree to disagree on them, but I hope I’m using some logic behind them. Let’s jump right into some of these issues.

We all know when you have a popular game, DLC is right around the corner. In some cases, it’s even being made when the game is in production (seems shady to me, but whatever). How someone does DLC is what we should look at, rather than just the content. EA Games decided to reward their new buyers with free DLC as a way of saying “Thanks for spending your money during the economy crisis the world is going through.”. Activision has decided they need some ‘bail-out’ for you making them $1,000,000,000 with a cooked-up “Stimulus Package” of their own. Their bail-out price is an amazing $15 for 3 new maps and 2 rehash maps from the original. Why is it priced so much? It’s sad really. They’re pricing it this way because the majority of people will pay for it because gamers today are idiots. They don’t think with their wallet. Their logic is “…but I like said game…” and continue with the rapings. Realistically, the pricing is from stock-holder and corporate greed, which I recently wrote about on another blog. They see that they can pad their wallets with some extra cash, so they do it. It’s terrible business, but it works. And it works because people think they need that instead of not pay, let Activision squirm, and then have them lower the price.

The winner in this catagory is clearly Bad Company 2, at least for now. We don’t know how EA is going to milk their game, and we know they too have a habit of this.

Depending on what you like in a stat-based multiplayer game is going to be the basis for this item. Modern Warfare 2 has several, and I mean several, different types of rewards to pass out. There’s even some for sucking, which I don’t like, but it’s there for those that do just suck. When you hit the highest rank, you are allowed to trade it in for a prestige ranking. Bad Company 2 has a good ranking system, with a good amount of stats, but there’s not as much cool junk to collect. The only thing I truly think is unique about the Bad Company franchise is the knife kills. Stab someone, steal that players dog tags and collect them. It’s pretty neat to see all the tags you’ve ripped from kniving someone.

The winner is Modern Warfare 2. While Bad Company 2 really has me charging people for a knife kill, MW2 just keeps you playing to fill up that empty military gap.

Being military based games, it feels more real being in a team or squad together. Both have these modes, but are they both done right? Modern Warfare 2 has team-based missions and death match, but essentially, that’s all it is: death match. It doesn’t really matter if you work as a team. It’s all about being the highest ranked person on your team. Battlefield’s strong point has always been team play using squads. With a squad, you are always able to respawn with your team. You have the ability to jump along side your sniper ally who is pinned down with a medic and keep him alive long enough to hold points. You’re not only rewarded for kills in Bad Company 2, but also you ability to do good unto others.

The clear winner is Bad Company 2. Modern Warfare 2 has a more action-based Rambo feel to it rather than the conflicts of modern war. Still, MW2 does have a good squad-based co-op system, but it’s more of an extra than real multiplayer.

Neither one of these games really delivers a lot in the single player area. They’re short, there’s no reason to go back to them, and they’re sort of tacked on to these online games. Modern Warfare 2’s story seems a little bit too far left field though. It’s not the most horrible story ever, but there’s moments that just seem out of focus. Bad Company 2’s story is a lot more fun, but it suffers from being incredibly easy and some really funky AI at times.

This one is a tie for me. Both have their great and horrible moments. At least we can all agree that they were way too short.

I personally think Bad Company 2 is the better of the two. It’s not really the online glitches or the lack of real team modes with Modern Warfare 2; it’s the greed behind the game. Activision has shown that green isn’t only eco-friendly, it’s deadly. If you are refusing to pay for their DLC, you can expect to be kicked out of several games from not owning X map. Understandable for kicking people without the maps, but it’s unknown why they couldn’t thank their fans by making even the first DLC free (like Team Fortress 2 has been doing for 2 years on the PC). Or even $5. But I see where this game is going, and it’s ridiculous. Not only is it the greed, it’s just that Bad Company can hold my attention for longer. It’s bigger, badder, and feels like a next-gen military shooter. Modern Warfare 2 is the same stuff we’ve been playing for years. It’s time to grow up.

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