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Bad Company 2 vs. Modern Warfare 2

This is a recent topic that I’m sure everyone that is into the military shooters of current times has debated, if not online, then around friends. A quick note on my take: I’m a fan of both titles, but I think one of them is becoming a little too confident, and when they feel like a superpower, it’s only right to knock them down. I will try and be fair to both titles as I don’t think you can completely compare them like apples to apples. They’re still different types of game, but they hold enough similarities to compare some of the basics.

Bad Company 2:
+ Destructible environments. Great graphics.
+ Built around team-play.
+ Vehicles that are not tacked on.
+ Some of the best audio in a game.
+ Fun collectibles/stats.
+ Free DLC that is more than just “a few rehashed maps”.
– Short and easy single player.
– No co-op.
– Server issues (mostly fixed).

Modern Warfare 2:
+ Great graphics.
+ Built towards ‘action-shooters’ fans rather than squad.
+ Lots of unlockables for guns.
+ Co-op
+Loads of stat collectibles for those stat junkies.
– Loads of online glitches.
– Short and easy single player.
– Story is out there.
– DLC is a complete rip off.

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Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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Review: Darksiders


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