Timeless Classics: Day of the Tentacle

Without remembering the classic games of long before, you often forget either how far we’ve come or how little we’ve grown. Gaming is just like going to the movies. An interactive movie. Just like Hollywood, if you don’t look back on the classics, you can feel a false feeling of joy when you watch a new movie, only to find out years later a movie has so many stolen ideas from a classic movie. Or after watching some classic films, realize that some of today’s movies are just crap. The same with gaming. Remembering the history of anything is always a good idea in not just gaming or movies, but the world’s history. You realize that things aren’t better today, just different. So without further stalling, I bring you a classic feature of mine to welcome in the new by sharing the old: “Timeless Classics“.

Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle may be a very unfamiliar title to most of you newer gamers but there was a time when LucasArts adventure games were long awaited like a new Halo game. With their creative writing, goofy graphics, good voice acting, and clever cut scenes, LucasArts was king chef and baking a new game series and making it work. Much of that thanks goes to Tim Schafer (Brütal Legend; Psychonauts) for having a creative brain. The release of Day of the Tentacle on PC-DOS was many ages ago, but is still very playable and still very funny. It’s held up through the ages and deserves enough recognition to be remade for future gamers to enjoy.

What Is It?: DOTT is an adventure game about three friends who go back to old-man evil Dr. Edison’s mansion to stop an evil purple tentacle, named Purple Tentacle, from taking over the world. While traveling back in time, thanks to Dr. Edison’s special time traveling devices, the three are interrupted in the time travel dimension, sending them in different time zones. Hoagie (the fat one) is sent back to the colonial days when the mansion was once an inn for such guest as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. Bernard (the nerd on the box) travels to one minute after the time travel took place, also known as present time. Laverne (the psychotic chick) travels to a distant future, where Purple has taken over and humans are treated like animals while tentacles are treated like humans. You play by switching between the three, altering history over and over, to restore order as best as possible. For those who adore terrific endings, DOTT has one of the most hilarious endings you’ll always remember.

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  1. I wish LucasArts would go back to making awesome adventure games, once again…. Ah, the good old days.

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