Review: Super Mario Sunshine

When I first saw the screenshots of this Mario, I freaked out thinking “What the crap is Nintendo thinking? Mario with a hydro jet-pack?! Getouttahere!” But, since I’m a huge Nintendo addict and buy everything Mario (besides the Super Mario Bros. live action movie), I ended up reserving it for a cool Nintendo PC disc with a bunch of awesome Mario things and getting the game. I was really stoked the more I read about this game. When I actually started playing the game, I discovered it was a nice add-on to the Mario series… but I’d still prefer the classic jumping plumber over a weird water pack that helps you fly/rocket/etc.

The story is a bit different from the other Mario adventures. You are going on vacation and a graffiti punk begins to tag the resort with groovy colors. You’re adventure takes you on a rid… a rid of washing paint of everything in sight! Now, I bet you’re thinking “What in the…” but it’s a fun, great Mario game. Still, I feel for you. The premier of a Gamecube Super Mario game should have been Mario in Mushroom Kingdom jumping on Goombas, using Yoshi to eat things, running from football turtles, and beating up on some Koopa kids. But, not here, although ‘someone’ does make an appearance for you to beat the mess out of.

Graphically, this is a good looking game. Mario looks like he should in the 3D world with loads of polygons, loads of animations, and his classic red/blue apparel. Every other character you encounter looks really good too. The basic bosses are well done and that’s where the classic Mario shows in the game. For instance, in one area, you fight a giant piranha plant, who is really well done (really, really well done). The maps are really well thought out and look amazing. There’s an instance where you have to battle on a roller coaster. The game never lags so everything on this ride of how the visuals showcase are in full proportion and really fast.

The game supports Dolby Digital surround sound. There’s a few scenes where they did some really nice voice acting, staring Princess Peach, Toad, and Mario. I really have no complaint about the music at all. As for the controls, this game is easy to navigate. The only time the game gets hard is the time they take your water-pack from you and you have to navigate some challenging jumping puzzles. The reason it’s hard is because you’re used to the relaxing water-pack and loose your ability to hover around. Intentional? I don’t really know but those puzzles are really hard. The camera is almost perfect in most areas (although some levels the camera is the thing that kills you).

There is some replay value to the game since you get to unlock an alternative costume, a more beach styled costume, to play through the second time. The game is well done so you may want to run through it again, just not right after you finish it.

Overall, I say get this game. It’s probably $20 right now and well worth the money. I have never really disliked the game itself, just the fact that Nintendo hasn’t released a classic Mario game for the Gamecube. The game though is well done and very fun. Also, in today’s high-def age, the game still fairs well overall in the graphics/sounds category. Just don’t expect the grass to move.

*2006 Review; sorry about the amateurism!*

TL;DR: Buy

Reviewed on the GameCube.

Super Mario Sunshine (GC) (Buy on Amazon)

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