Review: Fable: The Lost Chapters

Fable is a well-written story of a kid who find his family murdered by a bunch of thieves during his sister’s birthday. Fun stuff, huh? Your sister is kidnapped by a few of them and your only hope is to run to your dead father. While watching your dad bleed on the ground and your house in flames, a mysterious man comes to your side to tell you that your life can change for the better if you join his guild. Upon joining, you’ll learn the ways of weaponry and magic. Your goal is to be a great warrior and avenge your father’s death, find your sister, and become a great leader in the guild.

Ah, 4:3 graphics!

The game plays like a third person hack-n-slash role playing game. You battle thieves, beast, skeleton warriors, and all sorts of great baddies. The game actually has many different takes. For instance, when you’re a kid, you can beat up kids and become a bully. Later, that action will effect someone when you grow up. The game revolves around how you act, do missions, handle situations, etc.. This is where the true role playing comes into play. Do you want someone who is cheered on when he comes into town or do you want someone who people fear when strolling around towns? It’s all up to you and how you play. The beauty of it is that the game reacts so well to how you treat others. The only thing I wish you had more control over is being evil is played out. Take the Dungeon & Dragon’s style games. When you’re a chaotic, unlawful evil villain, the towns you enter and the people who recognize you in most every D&D game will end up calling guards to kill you and treat you like the scum you chose to be. In Fable, you can run away after looting a shop, beating the crap out of civilians and guards, go into a new town, and the town will not have any concern about your murderous behavior besides “Look at that jerk.”. I wish it were harder to enter a town while evil, but I guess it would be more difficult for the average action player. I do like the fact that you can kill someone in their house, hopefully not be seen, and purchase their cozy nook so you can rent it out to the next sucker. It’s a good way to make some extra cash.

The graphics are a great improvement over the Xbox version. I didn’t really dislike the Xbox graphics and textures until I played the PC version. Now the Xbox version just looks like monkey poop. Or mud. Whichever you prefer. The resolution max just makes this great looking game look even better. If you have a good computer, I’d suggest skipping the Xbox version all together and getting the PC version. The sounds are the same. They sound a lot more mushed on the Xbox. The PC explores the world with plenty of sound variety unlike the Xbox version. Also, if you own an Xbox360 wired controller, plug it into your PC and play the game that way. It’s much easier.

The biggest downfall of the game is the ending. The game, well, ends when you beat it. Especially when you uncover the special cool “thing” at the end, you want to use it but you can’t because the game is over. It just bugged the mess out of me.

I think if you’ve never experienced Fable, then get this copy for the PC. You won’t be sad until you actually beat the game. It’s a well-written game with plenty to do and plenty to loot (if you’re that way), and will keep you wanting more for a very long time.

*Old review from 2006*

Recommendation: Buy

Reviewed on the PC.

Fable: The Lost Chapters (PC) (Buy on Amazon)
Fable: The Lost Chapters (Xbox) (Buy on Amazon)

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