Review: Battlefield 2


The Battlefield series is a series I always thought would be fun, before it was called Battlefield. A while back, when MMOs were first getting started, there was a very interesting idea for a game called WWII Online. The game bombed, but I believe the concept of it was terrific. Open battles; huge maps; combining a FPS with driving and flying. Finally, I got the beta for Battlefield 1942. It was everything I had hoped for, although it could have used a Ranking System for listing how well you’ve done in your previous games. A few Battlefield’s later, EA decided it was time to feature a very well done rank system. I salute them for it.

Battlefield 2 is a modern war shooter, based mainly between the United States, the British, Iraq, and China. The point of the game is to capture territories for your team. The territories are represented by flags. Kinda reminds you of how Europe captured America, right? The game has a count down timer that counts down more if you have less territories, and less if you’re winning. The team to have the most timer points at the end wins the game. It’s that simple, yet the game is so complicated as far as choices. There’s several choices you’ll run into while playing. Are you going to be support and just heal team mates or bring them ammo? Are you going to be the lone wolf and snipe your way to your team’s victory? Jet or helicopter? Assault or special forces? Commander or grunt?

Each class is incredible in it’s own sense. The medic gets points based on how many people pick up health packs or how many people they revive during battle. The support team gets points the same way, but by providing the ammo to members. Engineers get points for repairing vehicles and laying mines. It’s a long trail of what classes’ cans and cant’s. What all classes can do is shoot guns and get kills, which is overall essential to making sure the opposing team isn’t getting points. The vehicles are really fun to play around with. The helicopter can carry several units across a long area, as long as they’re not blasted from below by anti-aircraft support teams. Most vehicles are used for transports, but there’s some used mainly for assaults. Jets and tanks to be exact. That’s where the anti-vehicle class comes it extra handy.

The graphics are really good with tons to explore in every map. The textures are well made, as well as the geometry of the environments. Everything is a decent polygonal amount to give you a more realistic battlefield. Some older computers may not be able to handle some of the settings boosted up, but given it’s on a PC, you can always just adjust those settings. The audio is really well done, but the annoyances come from the many, many cries for help that are blurted out in audio form. The only other annoyances come from the lack of a friend’s list. Without Xfire, it’s pretty darn hard to find a friend’s game.

Overall, Battlefield 2 is a well made game with many features that are to be appreciated. With a stat collecting function, it turns the series into an even more amazing game.

+Incredible online community.
+Huge maps with great stat building features.
-A tank vs. your machine gun.

TL;DR: Buy this.

Reviewed on the PC.

Battlefield 2 (Buy on Amazon)

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