Turok: Extremely Annoying Dinosaur Hunting

Not the Turok I’m talking about what-so-ever.

I’m playing through the new Turok on Xbox 360. It has to be one of the most difficult games ever created. I’m playing on Hard, not impossible, just hard, and there’s just parts where you’ll clear out massive amounts of enemies and then die. This means you’re going to be clearing out these waves of enemies again. I feel Call of Duty‘s checkpoint system was one of the better ones. I never had to go back through a half-mile of game to get to where I died before. It was area clear, save. Not Turok.

I’m going to beat it and while I like around 60% of the game, the frustration of this game is overwhelming. I wonder if anyone plays this online anymore…

Oh, yeah. I beat Dragon Age Origins. I know everyone is hyped up and all about Mass Effect 2 but I don’t feel I’ll be jumping into another massive reading adventure for a few months. Review for Dragon Age Origins soon.


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