Top ‘Must-Haves’ This Year (Part 3 of 3)

For previous blog entry, part 1 and part 2!

Why?: Arkham Asylum was hands down the best superhero game ever created. It was fun and kept you playing. I rarely finish a game anymore, much less finish a game two times in a row, but Batman had me hooked. The kicker? I hate Batman! I think he’s the lowest grade of ‘superhero’. Just a rich guy with cool stuff. But if they continue on this path, keeping the voice actors happy and the stories coming, I’ll be there. The engine is perfect too, so they could literally pump these out monthly. Wouldn’t mind.

Why?: I’m not keeping up with this PC game as much as I want, but the reason is because I get too excited. It’s a mix of Fallout and a shooter. The graphics are pretty good but it looks like it’s going to be a more tweaked S.T.A.L.K.E.R..

Why?: Speaking of that, a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is coming out this year too. Why is this big news? If you haven’t had Steam with their $2 deals for the original, you’re missing out. It’s an incredible game with all of the goods: story, guns (loads of em), quest, great graphics, and it’s made in Russia. In Russia, games play you!

Why?: This art style has me very curious as to how smooth it will play. It looks like the game with take on Team Fortress in a sense, and tradition multiplayer shooting. I know, i know. Another shooter, right? We’ll have to see how it fares out, but if anything, this is a game to keep an eye on.

Why?: This is a pretty promising looking game. If you have a 360 and PS3 though, I’d probably recommend it for the PS3 since you are obviously going to need to swap out several disc. I honestly can’t say more about Final Fantasy.

Why?: Fallout is in my top 5 favorite series, way before Fallout became cool again. Pip boy was my avatar for years on gaming sites. I just like destruction and the 1950s. New Vegas seems to bring a lot more than just ‘expansion’ to the table. We’ll have to find out.

Why?: Because Raiden became cool, and curious minds want to know why! Anyone unfamiliar with MGS 4, please, quit reading. I’m going to spoil something. Anyway, Raiden became like the ultimate ninja monkey in Metal Gear Solid 4 and when I first saw him, I was thinking “Cool!” but slowly that went into “Wait, what? How did that naked kung-fu fighting training unit turn into something as bad as this robot Raiden?”. Don’t lie, you thought that too.

Why?: EA Games are trying to restore their name, and from the trailer that Medal of Honor put out, I can pretty much say this will not be anything like the previous games. I’m still a fan of the WWII genre (my gramps is a vet from that time, when he was 16!). So the more I play through it, the more I feel closer to him, even though I could just call him up and ask him what it’s like. Anyway, this game looks like it’s going to seriously give Modern Warfare a run for it’s money. I hope so. Maybe EA will quit being a greed bucket and abandon DLC creation while the game is being made too. Unlike Modern Warfare.

Why?: When I first played Just Cause, I was thinking it was the most generic crap game ever. Then you get to exploring the map and realize that while the game is Rambo realistic, the game is serious fun and big. This is a game that would have been perfect if it had some multiplayer and better AI. It looks like they’re making this one to be an anticipated title by even the mass media.

Why?: Fable has always been a fun action RPG, and I don’t think they’re going to screw up Fable III. Unless they are planning on using that stupid Natal motion sensor crap with the game. I could rant on and on about how this motion stuff is gimmicky and is only fun for a moment. Plus, I’m not shelling out $100+ for a device that will be supported for half a year and then abandoned. Traditional controllers for me, thank you! Anyway… Fable.

Why?: I really enjoyed the first game. As you should know, it took me almost a year to beat, but once I got towards the end, the game picked up so well that I couldn’t put it down. I hope I can carry over that tank suit I bought to the new one.


You didn’t say anything about X game?
That’s because X game sucks. Yes, even Mass Effect 2. Lol, just joking. I wouldn’t know since I probably won’t buy it for a year out.

What about handhelds?
I didn’t put handhelds in the mix for one reason: too many. There’s a lot of good DS and PSP games coming out, as well as even… mobile games! I never thought I’d say that but whatever.

Why not consider Super Street Fighter IV or Resident Evil 5 Gold?
Because, unlike the stupid gaming journalist out there, I can tell a bad deal when I see it. If these are not going to be ‘also’ DLC, then screw them. I loved the originals, but screw you if you think I’m shelling out another $40+ per game I already own. This is the age of DLC. I could understand Super Street Fighter II back in the SNES days, not today though. What is the problem with this generation? Do all companies have to be so greedy?

Thanks for reading!


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