Top ‘Must-Haves’ This Year (Part 2 of 3)

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Why?: It’s more Kratos. One of the reasons I really enjoy this game is because it doesn’t try to conform to the general non-gaming forum community. It puts a lot of blood and gore (even too much) into their game. While it’s bloody well  bloody, it’s also a great game with a lot of fun to be had. I’ll say that those looking forward to Dante’s Inferno (another game I liked) will probably have more fun with that game that that one is borrowing all of it’s gameplay from. God of War is the action hack-n-slash adventure game.

Why?: I’m going to come out and say it: I really enjoyed Bad Company overall. While I wish they’d go back a bit to the Battlefield 2 days, the game was at least fun, funny, and enjoyable. After playing the beta for a week, I think we may be getting a taste of that home feeling. If anything, I’m overall excited about seeing how the ‘Bad Company’ is going to go about their campaign.

Why?: With Nintendo’s sales falling under (I could tell you a million reasons why…), it’s no wonder they’re trying to come out with new ways to take on an old series. And sometimes, the new ways are perfect because they borrow so much from their old ways. Confused? Good! If only we could get a new Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, Pilotwings, and Kirby…

Why?: While Forza has proved itself to be a worthy contender for best racing simulator, nothing beats Gran Turismo. This game is said to use 85% of the PlayStation’s hardware. The screenshot above is not of a real car, in case you’re wondering. While graphics are nice, the content in this game is insane. Let’s just hope we’re not going to get milked with DLC.

Why?: id Software is the company I don’t think can do any wrong. Rage is a mix between Quake/Doom and racing, with some RPG thrown into the blender. As always, id’s new engine is looking to be top notch (YouTube the video where they talk about the tech behind it). If they manage to throw in a good amount of multiplayer content, this will probably be one of my favorite games this year, unless the community falls under like the Quake IV community did.

Why?: Did you guys play the original? Not the second, the original version on PC? If not, it’s a serious achievement in gaming history. Terrific storyline (conspiracies are always good for a twist), good gameplay, and for it’s time, seriously good graphics. I’m probably going to have to finish numero dos so I can know every piece to the next one. (Also, I know it’s Deus Ex. I have my reasons for putting an ‘x’ instead of ‘s’.)

Why?: While we know nothing about this game outside of the name ‘Zelda’, I am very excited about this. This series is still a favorite of mine and will continue until they do what was suggested at GameSpot. Please, Nintendo, keep doing the same thing. I don’t want Link to go on some sandbox adventure. I want to go through dungeon and dungeon, fighting of Ganon. We don’t play the game to get a different adventure. We play to save Hyrule and the peoples. On a side note, it would be cool to have it more like the original, where you just figured out where to go by exploring.

Why?: Because it’s an expansion that will make you feel like you’re playing World of WarcCaft 2.0. I know some of you probably ‘hate’ WarCraft. I don’t know why: they’re successful, they actual do more than “maintain” servers, and they give you what they promised. After day one, I’m still a fan of this series. Let’s just hope WarCraft 4 is in the works…

In a few days, expect more exciting blogs about other games you’re going to die if you miss this year. (Upside down ! symbol)Adios!


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