Top ‘Must-Haves’ This Year (Part 1 of 3)

With so many great games coming our just in Q1 this year, how do you decide what to get? That’s correct. You come to my blog. These are the games I’m dying to have this year, at least until E3 comes around and tells me that my dreams for this years model sucks compared to next year.

Why?: StarCraft II is one the longest awaited sequels. Fans of fast-paced action strategy are eager to bite into even the beta for this game. I’m sure countless fans would even pay money to get into the beta, too. I’m awaiting my return by reloading the original this year and beating the campaign, playing some fun ‘Fastest Map‘, and, of course, lose every match.

Why?: It’s one of my personal favorites, for one. While the original had some quirky gameplay elements (ie: never dying), the story was fantastic, the abilities, for the most part, where a huge part to making this game unique, and the setting was perfect. I’ve already preordered the game via Amazon for the exclusive Home suit that I’ll never wear!

Why?: It’s 8-bit, but it’s not. It’s a throw-back to the good ol’ days of the original Zelda. This was preordered for me last year when I heard of it. From videos I’ve watched online, it’s going to be a sure win.

Why?: I like western shooters (Outlaws, Call of Juarez), and since they don’t make many, it’s exciting to see one with such high production value. Rockstar could pull this off to be a GOTY treat, or at least a runner-up. I’m hoping that they just add onto the madness GTA 4 allowed up to get involved in. A 4-player co-op bank heist would be too fun.

Why?: While the first one had a big problem… Hang on, someone’s calling me… Nevermind. I’m hoping that bad feature is left out, and we’re treated to a nice sandbox game with loads of customization. And this one has co-op. I’m really glad developers are bringing back the glory days of gaming with co-op. I don’t think beat-em-ups were near as fun single player back in those old days.

Why?: Not only does it have the most realistic looking bewbs in a game, the set-up seems pretty fun. Fans of Indigo Prophecy will appreciate the company sticking to a similar style. This is probably going to be one of those games to show off the PlayStation 3’s hardware, and then some.

Why?: As my friend, DrYvOutCM, would say, “Raa, see! It’s fun for you, your tomato, and your kids on a warm day, drinkin’ your noodle juice!”. Mafia was a great game when it first hit last generation, and this generation of gaming just seems to be getting better and better. A rare treat since mobster games are, well, rare.

Why?: Galaxy turned out to be a real big treat, and a near perfect Wii game. And… do I really need to give you a reason? It’s Mario. It’s Yoshi. It’s a sequal to one of the best Mario adventure games.

In a few days, expect more exciting blogs about other games you’re going to die if you miss this year. (Upside down ! symbol)Adios!


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