These Prices Are… INSANE!

I was reading the many idiots…err, sorry…”gamers” who were defending price hikes for PC gaming. With Activision starting the trend, Assassin’s Creed II is another contender for raping the customer of PC gaming. I’m going to say this once again: $60 per game is a rip-off. For every excuse I hear, the more I like to remember when games were more fun and original, yet were $50 or less.

As a gamer, I could care less about the gaming industry from a financial point of view. If you can justify any game costing $60, you one of these three: (a) idiot, (b) stock-holder, not a gamer, (c) can’t remember previous generations of gaming. You’re telling me when id Software, in a basement, created a remarkable FPS called ‘DOOM’, that the $15-$20 they asked for up-front was just fine for it’s time, but for the $60+ they ask for today’s gaming is well justified because it uses “new created technology just to run the game”? So did DOOM, and look at their asking prices. Meanwhile, while you’re spending $60 on a new game, they’re cutting content so they can put a “DLC” out for the features promised in the previews.

The problem of $60 is really the content. Games may be longer is some senses, but how much of these long games are just recycled missions. GTA 4, for example, has you doing the same thing throughout the whole game. The problem is they’re trying to make Hollywood blockbusters, and it’s these forum gamers that cause these problems. These are the people that sit in NeoGaf all day and talk about gaming, play a game for 10 minutes, and think they know all about it. They’re the people on review sites giving it the 10/10 or 1/10 for every game they “test out” and then write about it in forums all day.

I really hate the gaming community. It’s a community full of tools, fools, and non-gamers.


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