Comcast Blues…

So imagine, you just got sent a flier about Comcast upgrading your speeds to 16MB/s, and this is what you’ve been getting for 2 months. Oh, but they charge you full price. Now, every time a tech comes out, you magically get near the speeds you’re suppose to get (10MB/s), but still 6MB/s slower. Their excuse?

“It’s just slow because of traffic.”. Well, I don’t pay you for slow traffic, I pay for high speed internet.

Right after Comcast leaves, it’s back to slow 0.5MB/s to 1.8MB/s… tops! They keep saying it’s working fine, but obviously, it’s not. I have had them out several times. They are by far the worst company. To top it, I can’t go to Direct TV, AT&T, DSL, anything. They have a monopoly in our area.

I’m going to take a guess: it’s the modem is dead. I don’t know how much proof they need that my internet is busted when I post them my connection speed. Idiots…


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