Has Been Raptured! Call for Backup!

My status update in Facebook. Oh, so funny!

Anyway, I haven’t been swooped up in some made-up prophecy (where it came from is beyond me…) but I am going to be gone for a few days. Where? Playing through this darn Dragon Age: Origins game. If you need me, you’re just going to have to wait.

Before I go, I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this. Last night, I went to Best Buy to pick up some Blu-rays and/or God of War Collection. However, I saw at the front door The Simpsons: Season 20 on DVD and Blu-ray. I bought the last Blu-ray version, but couldn’t they have at least put out season 13-19 before 20? It’s thrown me out of wack! My semi-short review of the season and Blu-ray: I hate new Simpsons mostly, but these episodes so far are pretty funny. Not original Simpsons funny, but I’ve laughed a good amount so far. The quality is excellent (DVD on a good TV has a problem with fast motion, where it chops the frames. Futurama does this really bad.). The best part is it’s all on 2 Disc, instead of 4-5. I don’t think there’s special features though, which will tick me off if later they put out a new season 20 with more features. With some shows, I actually love watching the extra junk. 99% of the time, not so much.

Next time, my blog will be more professional and try to enlighten you into my deep, dark mind.


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