Disturbing Comic Book Art: Part 1

I’m holding back customer attitudes blog part 3 until tomorrow night, or the night after. First, we need to discuss this very important scandal in the comic book world. I will place 5 weird comics per episode, so next week, chip in the ol’ 10 Lincoln coins and have a blast!

* w a r n i n g *

The below images are sick. They make me want to puke. If I had to puke already, they would have forced vomit on my computer. They are very rude, crude, and homo erotic. DryvBy does not condone child spankings, rapings, or whatever else Batman decides to do to Robin. You have been warned!
First, we have an issue of Batman, man detective, with kid side-kick, Robin, on their many adventures. Do you notice anything strange about this cover? No? Well, why is Robin putting his head up bad guy’s butt?

“Oh, that’s nothing. He’s tackling that guy…”. Obvious in denial. Robin is all the time putting his head in someone’s butt. I have comic after comic of this stuff. Here’s probably moments later.

Still nothing? Hrm. You’re a tough cookie! We have more evidence of homo erotica from that GD Batman. This next clip, I really have no idea what’s going on but if it’s what I think it is… boy, it’s graphic.

Notice where ol’ Robin’s hand is at? That’s pretty disgusting. And I’m sure what happened next is X-X-X rated…

…Wow, that’s pretty freakin’ sick!! This is not the Dark Night, folks. This is some rich man raping young poor circus boys. We see it time after time. Check the news. Your politicians are doing this sick Robin/Batman stinkfest. I’m not going to have it! Clean that mess up, Robin!

Much better.

In case you’re wondering, these comics are not edited in anyway. There’s an old investigation about the childrens reading comic books, and frankly, I can see why. At least with DC Comic’s Batman adventures. I’ll have more, if you guys want. I have to go eat (and throw it up) after posting these. To end, I just want to share some Marvel love as well. Nothing says the end like a fist up your bum!


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