Review: Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned (PS3)

Dr. Ned (not to be confused with Dr. Zed) is the host of a completely new feel for Borderlands. It’s dark, creepy, and host a variety of new enemies and bosses. The island is easily accessed through the transportation center, leading you to a completely new story and side quest. The introduction is actually funny. So is some of the humor contained within. A few characters rejoin the game, some which may make you laugh. But, this isn’t a game really known for it’s story. It’s known for it’s gameplay. So how is this overall?

The Island doesn’t feature any cars, and for good reason. You constantly are being attacked by hoards of zombie-bandits and Frankensteins. A few stags make an appearance, as well as a seemingly endless supply of bat-like creatures. The zombies respawn like crazy, however, it would have been nice to have even more hoards coming at you at once. The basic zombie is a slow, slothy creature, but beware, a few hits will certainly drain you. It feels weird not having people shoot at you all the time, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Some of the bosses and Frankesteins pack a mean punch. And if you’re not paying attention, you can easy get taken down by a surrounding pack of zombies, making the game a little harder.

If you were a fan of how the first game did the quest, be prepared to do it over again. Most of the quest are the same, however, Borderlands seems to pull it off were it doesn’t feel too much of the same. Probably because you are hacking away at zombies until your hands are numb.

The biggest downfall of this DLC is it’s fairly short. I finished within 3 hours, and that’s with me goofing off a bit. I would have preferred to just have more quest, even stuff that’s not that hard, just to keep playing. While the setting and new creatures, and new Trophies/Achievements, are always welcome, I really hope the developers add much more to the next expansion, maybe something as long as the Fallout mini-expansions.

Overall, it’s a short experience, but for $10, you get enough content and cool features to at least bring you back into the game, and have a zombie-hunting good time!

TL;DR: Buy this DLC.

Reviewed on the PlayStation 3.

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