Review: Borderlands: Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot

Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot offers one thing: arena gameplay. There’s a bank system now, but really, it’s main feature is a survival mode arena. So if you’re wanting more Borderlands, this is less of it.

Mad Moxxi, a psychotic killer circus chick, pits you into 3 different arenas where wave after wave of things jump in to shoot at. While this is pretty fun, the problem with it is the arenas are broken, the difficulty scaling is way off, there’s no (yes, none) loot drops, and my favorite feature: no experience gained from killing baddies.

The idea is just like the Gears of War 2’s Horde mode, or World at War‘s zombie mode. You fight until the enemies are dead, try to get some health or ammo as quick as possible, and then prepare for battle. The one thing they did that was neat is after a round, Mad Moxxi will add conditions for the next round to make it more unique. For instance, one round may have to pitting against ‘headshot only’ foes, or have your guns extremely inaccurate. While this is fun, the amount of dying you’ll do in a solo match will not be.

First, let’s get this in the open: if you’re not level 50 or higher, wait. You will not survive. This is not a single player, even two player, DLC. These rounds will get extremely hard. However, Gearbox has been so kind to include several AI glitches that will allow you to get the advantage. For instance, jumping too high on a platform will cause most enemies to miss or in some weird cases, stand there while you snipe them in the face. Right in the face. Midgets will do back flips, but kindly wait for you to take aim. However, if you’re not too high up, the game does happen to make it clear that you suck by killing you with every bit of colorful flashes.

Is there any good? By all means, yes. The gameplay is fun if you have enough Borderlands friends. The music is really sweet, and probably one of the better soundtracks I’ve heard in a good while. And the new bosses they add are really fun to fight. I’d say that if they would have just added more arena maps, instead of three, they could have had a winner.

I cannot recommend this mini-expansion for the simple reason that you’ll feel ripped off. For half the price, I could say this is a worthy good DLC, if you’re just wanting to good around in an arcade environment. But the overall price and features after finishing the first DLC (which was good) makes me wish I would have saved my cash. There’s nothing worthy of $10 here and certainly not going in the right direction.

Gearbox, stick with fun quest and bring some more story. Don’t put out trash and expect us to keep buying it.

TL;DR: Doesn’t offer more of the same. Just a boring arena to play in.

Reviewed on the PlayStation 3.

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